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8.6 billion!  Ganzhou Economic and Development Zone hold signing ceremony for investment attraction project of 3rd batch in 2022

Date:2022-05-23 Reading:

On the morning of February 28, ganzhou Economic and Development Zone held a centralized signing ceremony for the 3rd batch of investment attraction projects in 2022, signing 10 projects at the site with a contract amount of 8.6 billion yuan.

Deputy mayor of municipal Government, Secretary of ganzhou Economic development District Party Working Committee Chen Shuilian attended the signing ceremony. Liang Dingsheng, deputy secretary of district Party Working Committee and director of administrative Committee, signed the contract. District leader Wen Rongxi presided over the signing ceremony. The participants including representatives of contracted merchants, responsible persons of relevant departments and financial institutions.

At the signing ceremony, Wen Rongxi introduced the basic situation of the signed project, and the representatives of the signed enterprises introduced the project promotion plan, thereafter the projects were signed.

The major projects signed this time include:

Dongguan Sanjie Digital Technology Co., LTD. (Guangdong Zhongke Hopesum Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.) for LCD module production project,with a total investment of 1.4 billion YUAN, mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling TN/VA segment type and other types of LCD, large panel LCD, and intelligent terminal products research and development. After reaching the production and capacity standard, the project can realize the annual revenue of 1 billion yuan and the export of more than 600 million yuan.

Dongguan Wataitong, Dacati robot, Shenzhen Tiansi color, etc.

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