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Instruction Of Vehicle Head up Display (HUD)

Date:2023-04-21 Reading:

  A head-up display (HUD) is used for showing key information in driver view,it’s a monitor display could assure driver keeping eyes on road ahead. HUD originated in the aerospace industry in the 1950s,it was used primarily for military aircraft. Due to HUD provide similar benefits to aircraft applications in vehicle safety and operation,HUD systems become more and more common in newly launched models. Let’s Hopesun writer introduce different kinds of such displays to you today.

  HUD systems have a variety of different deployment techniques and methods. There are two dimensional (plane) and three dimensional technologies.The traditional mainstream market is two-dimensional HUD on-board system, which uses TFT display /LCD display for image projection, and the image is projected to the inside of the car windshield. The following figure is an LCD car HUD designed by Hopesun team. It's a traditional two-dimensional HUD that is reflected and projected at a certain angle onto a windshield or a dedicated projection glass.


  In addition, this HUD eyebox is defined as a three-dimensional area ,in which the entire display is visible when the driver's head is turned in different directions; Due to the size of the projected area on the windshield, this area is limited in the existing conventional two-dimensional HUD.

  To expand HUD capabilities, RD are exploring a new generation of AR-HUD systems. Projected field of view of traditional HUD systems only 5°,virtual image distance only 2.5 to 3 meters,but AR-HUD system provides a wider horizontal field of view (FOV) and a longer projection (longer VID). Usually the AR-HUD system provides a functional viewing area with VID of at least 7 meters and field of view of at least 10°.


  With HUD head-up display, the car owner does not need to specially look down at the dashboard to know the information of the vehicle when driving, so that the car owner can concentrate on driving the vehicle and improve the safety of driving.

  However, Hopesun writer would like to remind that, both the two-dimensional HUD system traditional projection TFT display /LCD display and the AR-HUD system have strict requirements on display information and display brightness. Otherwise, if the display with too much information,or too dark or bright,the improper display effectiveness affecting the driver's normal driving caused counterproductive.

  These are all about "HUD introduction". Thank you for reading.